I feel the flow

by SoulPower75

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I feel the flow I feel the spirit and yes I got the lyrics,
energising from the source and to that there is no limits,
Im bringing you the ruffness sourrounded by the tuffness,
emotionally powered and its never over trust us,
step aside if you aint found your inner power,
coz once you have released life is different by the hour,
break it to the people as the fights just begun,
so Im rallying the troops and im pulling out my gun,
intelect is firing aiming for the collective,
concsiousness and so we start recollecting ,
ancient understanding thats be hidden from the masses,
open up the mind and enroll in some classes.

I feel the flow you know the seed is taking up the ryhthm,
bringing in the sentient because the time is given,
and now the place is then and the future is empowered,
illusion is on time so we need to find the hour,
meditaitng on the bass vibrating through the system,
understnd the gland that is penetraiting wisdom,
its all there, if you really care,
that we are all one, no seperation in the air,
so listen to the wise men listen to the women,
especially to the ones working from there intuition,
if you throw me a peach then I throw you a plumb,
equality is life and the balance has begun.

I feel the flow tonight, in the way that makes it we
I try to find my home in the way that we should be.


released February 24, 2017



all rights reserved


SoulPower75 Brighton, UK

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